Barge Wreck ( Shore, Boat )

Location: Opposite the Vista Del Mar Hotel.

Conditions: Currents to be expected, windy and surface chop between November and April.

Minimum depth: 30 ft/ 9 m

Maximum depth: 40ft/ 12m

Average visibility: More than 66 ft/ 20 m

The barge was sunk in 1976 and is now completely overgrown with marine life. There are many different corals and all marine life. The barge is 100ft., 30 m. long by 30 ft., 9m. Wide and 10ft., 3m. Height and sits upright on the sea bed. There are two safe access points to the interior. The barge is a superb night dive and photographers, especially, should not miss it. There are large green moray eels and outstanding numbers of black, Nassau, and other large grouper.

barge wreck